Minutes 16 01 2023

Minutes Uploaded on March 24, 2024

At 7pm the Vice Chairman, Cllr Simpkin, welcomed County Cllr Lovegrove, Borough Cllr Evans and 3 visitors to the meeting and invited comments from the floor
Two visitors spoke about planning application 21/01134/FUL ‘Overbrook’ 2 Mill Lane, Long Clawson. They advised that the report responded to the PC objections, and it stated the development would not add to existing flooding problems. The development would not restrict the open view along Mill Lane. The Chairman thanked them for their comments.
CCllr Lovegrove gave an update on various matters including the Melton bypass which is being funded by LCC and will bring regeneration to Melton as well as traffic relief.
The Chairman thanked the visitors for their comments and opened the meeting at 7.05pm
Cllrs Simpkin (Vice-Chair, Acting Chair), Dames, Dunn, Heald, McCulloch
LC Cllr Lovegrove and Borough Cllr Evans
Apologies received from Cllrs Cheetham and Oldershaw
22/92 NOTIFICATION OF DECLARATION OF INTERESTS Cllr Dunn declared a personal interest in items 4ci (21/01134/FUL) and 4civ (22/01351/FULHH) planning applications as a neighbour
Cllr Dames declared a personal interest in R Scarborough as an employee
22/93 MINUTES OF THE ORDINARY MEETING dated 12th December 2022 were agreed and
signed by the Vice Chairman.
22/94a Planning Decisions – Permission granted. Nil reported
Permission refused. Nil reported
22/94b Appeals lodged / Inspector’s decisions/Withdrawn applications. Nil reported
22/94c Planning Applications i 21/01134/FUL ‘Overbrook’ 2 Mill Lane, Long Clawson Demolition of existing bungalow and storage buildings, erection of 3 no. new single storey dwellings, construction of new driveway, replacement of existing vehicle bridge over brook + new flood compensation area. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The information provided by the visitors prior to the meeting and the additional information was discussed. It was noted that: • the report was overly technical making it difficult for a layman to assess whether the flooding issue would be exacerbated by additional development;
• the blocked culvert under the Sands was an ongoing issue which impacted this application The Parish Council agreed that the objections to the application were still valid and asked the Clerk to draft the PC observations for approval by Cllr Simpkin
ii 22/01342/FULHH 50 Stathern Lane, Harby
Extension to rear of existing garage to form new home office The Parish Council had no objections to this application
(2 visitors left the meeting at 7.15pm)
iii 22/00989/FUL ‘Rainbow Horses Learning Centre’ Langar Lane, Harby
Conversion of stable block to kitchen, toilet & shower room and 3 x therapy/learning rooms associated with specialist equine assisted therapeutic learning facility The Parish Council had no objections to this application
iv 22/01351/FULHH ‘The Hollies’ 9 Back Lane, Long Clawson
Construction of an earth banking The Parish Council had no objections to this application
v 22/01305/FULHH ‘Yew Tree House’ 28 Bolton Lane, Hose
Single storey rear extension and roof light added to Snug room roof
The Parish Council had no objections to this application
(The following application was not on the agenda but considered at this meeting to comply with MBC deadline)
vi 22/01327/FULHH Racecourse Farm Barn, Pasture Lane, Hose Convert & extend existing stables to a residential annexe The Parish Council had no objections to this application
22/94d Planning Correspondence i MBC Senior Planning Development Officer 22.12.22: re application 22/00006/VAC Field OS 6260 Canal Lane Hose – Removal of Condition 4 (provision of on-site affordable housing requirement) of planning permission 19/00859/OUT. To be reported to Planning Committee on 2.2.23.
The Vice Chair reminded the meeting that the PC had agreed it would ask for this application to go to the planning committee including the request for the affordable housing element. If the affordable housing element was rejected the alternative S106 contribution for a climbing frame and local people to have first opportunity for lowest cost housing units would be accepted. It was noted that BCllr Evans would speak at the meeting and would welcome any Parish Cllr to also speak in objection. Cllrs were reminded to let the clerk know if they wished to be booked in to speak by 30th January ii Rushcliffe Borough Council 3.1.23: Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan – preferred approach Consultation ends 14.2.23 noted
22/95 Matters To Report
22/95a Items requiring action from Cllrs/third parties. Nil reported.
22/95b PC Land
Grounds Maintenance
i Cllrs confirmed they are now receiving the Handyman report. The clerk agreed to clarify the report structure information to highlight what activities were undertaken. It was noted for the future that the new Clerk would be asked to manage the Handyman activities.
In response to a question, the Clerk advised that clearing of public footpaths in the villages was a MBC responsibility as the Handyman could do some clearing but did not have the facilities to remove bulky material
ii Quotes Received none
iii Hose Tree Warden Volunteer Noted that Mr K Neil Smith had volunteered.
22/95c Car Parks
Noted Leys car park padlock had been lost again. AGREED agenda item for next meeting.
22/95d Cemetery & Closed Churchyards
Vice Chair advised that Cllr Cheetham reported work in Long Clawson cemetery had been satisfactorily completed and proposed a further £500 for additional clearance work. It was AGREED
22/95e Allotments & Summer Keeps
The Vice Chair advised that Cllr Cheetham reported the new gate into the Hose nature reserve and replacement of the damaged gate into the allotments had been completed.
22/95f Community Orchards
22/95g Street Lighting
Cllr McCulloch provided an analysis of street light repairs and repeat failures. AGREED it would be a future meeting agenda item when a permanent clerk was in post
22/95h Street Furniture (including bus shelters)
The Royal British Legion benches were reported as fitted. Clerk to send letter of thanks. Cllr Dames advised the bus shelter at Boyers Orchard needed revarnishing. Cllr McCulloch to obtain a quote.
22/95i Playgrounds
i The Pingle: damage to fence adjacent to the road. Cllr Cheetham to follow up with the person who damaged the fence to claim from insurance.
ii Playground Supplies Ltd 23.11.22 Quarterly playground inspections. Clerk had asked Playground Supplies Ltd what remedial action is needed for items classified as in ‘poor’ condition. They had replied that these items were old, worn out and not worth repairing. It was AGREED:
• they should be monitored for safety and replaced if the item became a danger to use.
• to ask the handyman to repair the minor items listed under ‘Defects/Tasks’ which he could undertake safely and let the clerk know which items required specialist repair;
• clerk to check if the PC still had any Wet Pour Repair Kit or replacement safety playground tiles and get quotes if necessary
22/95j Traffic (including TTROs)
i LCC 13.12.22: Advance notice of a TTRO: Boyers Orchard, Harby noted
ii LCC 5.1.23: Advance notice of a TTRO: Waltham Lane, Long Clawson noted
22/95k Training:
22/95l Incident Register: It was AGREED the damage to the Pingle fence should not be included
22/95m Reports / Comments from Cllrs
i To consider actions and progress so far from Community Actions Working Groups
(All Cllrs to update on progress & next steps)
Environmental – Cllrs Cheetham, Oldershaw & Simpkin
Transport – Cllrs Dunn, Heald & McCulloch.
Cllr Dunn reported that, although dangerous parking had improved temporarily after a letter to the
school, it was building up again. Clerk to write again to the school
Community Facilities – Cllrs Cheetham & Dames
ii Comments / concerns from Cllrs
22/95n 19/50 Reports from PC Village Hall Representatives
Cllr Heald reported he had attended a meeting between a member of the Harby Village Hall
Committee and the owner of a right of way behind the Leys. After discussion of alternative sites for a new village hall it had been agreed that the Harby Village Hall Committee would investigate other sites which did not impact upon the right of way
22/95o Report from Clerk. Nil
22/96a Financial Correspondence (including Remittance Advice)
i Request from Harby Village Hall Committee for funds from the Roland Gale legacy, which is administered by the PC, for provision and maintenance of defibrillators in Harby. It was noted that £8505.97 remained of the original £11,106.61 between Harby and Long Clawson. It was AGREED that:
• Cllr Simpkin would check if the defibrillator in the old phone box at the corner of Dickmans Lane was still working;
• Clerk should ask the HVHC if the Methodist Chapel was the best place for one as it was too near the Village Hall?
ii AGREED that, as the Royal British Legion benches had now been installed (see item 22/96b vii below) the clerk should write to accept its offer of a contribution towards the cost of installation
22/96b Accounts for Payment
Budget review to end of December bank statements & invoices were available for inspection.
Invoices were checked/initialed by Cllr Simpkin before the meeting.
i TSB Bank plc (DD) £8.20 Bank charges
ii NEST (DD) £59.46 Pension contribution
iii HMRC (Bacs) £247.78 Tax & NI
iv Mr A Najdowski (Bacs) £290.66 Wages & expenses
v Mrs E Crowther (Bacs) £598.50 Consultant interim clerk
vi Hose Baptist Church (Bacs) £30.00 Room donation 12.12.22
vii Richard Scarborough (Bacs) £960.00 Groundwork
viii Npower Business Solutions (Bacs) £664.76 Electricity Dec 22
ix Waterplus (Bacs) £6.75 Water LC cemetery
x National World Publishing Ltd (Bacs) £478.80 Internet job listing
xi National World Publishing Ltd (Bacs) £315.12 Melton Times job listing
xii Richard Scarborough (Bacs) £1000.00 Groundwork
xiii St Mary’s Church Harby (Bacs) £1000.00 Grant grounds maintenance
xiv St Michael & All Angels Church Hose (Bacs) £146.00 Grant green waste bins
xv Handicentre (Bingham) Ltd (Bacs) £45.80 Materials for repairs
22/97a Correspondence for Information none
22/97b Correspondence for Discussion (detailed below & available to Cllrs) none
22/97c Urgent correspondence received after the clerk’s report and requiring discussion
i LCC 12.1.23: Community Speedwatch 2023 information noted but no further action as short deadline
ii Alicia Kearns MP Jan 2023: Defibrillator information re ‘The Circuit’ a national database for ambulance services to identify the nearest device noted
iii SLCC Clerk magazine Jan 23 noted
iv ‘Clerks & Councils Direct’ Jan 23 noted
No applications received to date. Cllr Simpkin advised that Cllr Cheetham would raise the vacancy profile on Facebook
22/99 2023/23 DRAFT BUDGET
It was noted that a PC contingency/reserves amount is recommended between 3 months and 6 months expenditure budget. After considering Cllr Dames concerns that not enough information had been provided in the clerk’s report for this meeting, the Vice Chairman asked the Parish Council to vote and it was AGREED by 4 votes and one abstention a total budget of £133,907, an expenditure budget of £100,721 and precept request of £72000 for the financial year 2023/24. Cllr Dames abstained and asked the clerk to give her a hard copy of the budget information
Agreed to consider at a future meeting. Clerk to circulate comparable Diocesan charges
The Chairman thanked Cllrs for attending and the meeting closed at 8.45pm
Signed……………………………………………. 20th February 2023